ANTIFREEZE / COOLANT As a supplier and distributor of antifreeze and coolant chemicals, MAPCO partners with the world's leading manufacturers to bring our customers a range of commodities and specialty products. Antifreeze acts as a coolant for automotive engines. It transfers heat from internal combustion engines and protects radiators in vehicles. In comparison to water, antifreeze offers greater protection against engine damage when temperatures drop below the freezing point. Antifreeze also protects engines when they get too hot, causing the coolant to boil, avoiding corrosion. In addition, antifreeze reduces the freezing point of water that's used to cool your engine. When water freezes, it expands, and without antifreeze fluid, this expansion can cause your engine block to crack, ruining your motor. We are dedicated to being the best antifreeze supplier. That's why the quality is always higher than the price when you buy from us. With our wide selection, you can easily find the right antifreeze for your automobile make and model. We have everything you need. Feel free to ask our staff how antifreeze can improve the quality of your ride, or just order online to have your supply delivered to you. We treat our customers as though we've just opened our doors and value their business above all else. We exist because of our customers, and everything we do is for them. Fortunately, we carry antifreeze that's made expressly for your vehicle, so you can keep your parts cool and avoid engine failure. If you're a distributor of antifreeze, we're here to be your supplier, not your competition. Consider our line of wholesale antifreeze, a generic product that's best suited to warmer days (compared to minus-degree winter temperatures). We can save you money, and we're ready to prove that we deserve your business!

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