Private Label

We have years of experience providing our customers with the highest levels of service in the lubricants market. Quality, flexibility, service, and reliability are our central values. The key success factor of MAPCO's home brand of quality lubricants is our flexibility to adapt to our clients' needs. By carrying out this strategy successfully, the company has managed to increase its production volume significantly over the past few years, and has become an important player in the market with local distributors. Our company is experienced in filling private label motor oil brands, which are offered for many companies. We have a large assortment of private labels: Motor oil, transmission oil, heavy duty oil, anti-freeze, and engine oil. We work with you to formulate and manufacture a single product into a full line of private label products for you to supply to your customers. This can include new or existing products, as well as label and packaging design. With our expanded facility and tremendous experience, we offer best-in-class private labeling and custom blending formulations to fit your needs, or those of your customers. In order to meet the requirements of car manufacturers, each product is carefully analyzed and developed with care in laboratories. All types of lubricants for a wide range of applications are available to set up private labels. The customer can select his/her own product range, with high-quality oils and varying packaging sizes. Our experience with filling motor oils for numerous brands guarantees our flexible position in the world of lubricants. Complete confidentially is maintained during all points of design, formulation, testing, and production. The packaging we offer allows you to customize these products into your special product line.

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