Heavy Duty Oil

We are heavy duty oil suppliers. MAPCO offers a wide range of heavy-duty motor oil products for excellent engine reliability and maximized fuel economy. Our products are proven to help protect vital engine parts from bumper-to-bumper. We have premium and innovative diesel engine oils intended for engines with duty cycles that qualify as "severe duty." These include reducing idling time by turning off the engine at stops or deliveries, stop-and-go in heavy traffic or city delivery, or situations in which engine cooling may be stressed (e.g., towing heavy loads and cycling between fully loaded and unloaded in off road applications). Our heavy-duty oils have been engineered to deliver improved oxidation control and better wear protection, component durability, and deposit control. They are specifically formulated to meet the intense demands your vehicles face. At MAPCO, we heavily invest in research and development to ensure your vehicles get the best protection.

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